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DIVINE MERCY PRAYER GROUP TONIGHT 8 -10pm including a beautiful testimony of mercy by Jean Fallon!

Just a little reminder that our monthly Divine Mercy Prayer group will be starting at the slightly later time of 8pm and finishing at the very latest 10pm.

Please do join us to read St. Faustina's diary as a group which will include some Adoration, the DM Chaplet, music and testimonies!

Tonight you will be hearing a 'not to missed' testimony by Jean Fallon, the mother of one our Women of St. Joseph group. It is such a beautiful witness to the mercy of God in absolute essence!

Here's the link!

See you all later! Don't forget your snacks! It's the Lord's day!


Maria x

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I apologise for the short notice but this has to be cancelled this evening. I will be in touch very soon about the next one. LPDW, Maria x


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