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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Hi everyone and welcome to the long awaited Blog!!

One of our aims for the bookstore is for it to become a kind of Divine Will hub for us all to be connected, so it would be amazing to see some of your comments on here. Please feel free to do this!

We also want to keep you updated with various things going on; new books on offer, events, zoom links, talks, music, new merchandise etc so please do touch base with us regularly!

Now for the first bit of exciting news!! Volumes 24-28 have arrived and are available for you to order through the website. The remaining 2 books will follow shortly after, but we will keep you updated so watch this space!

There is now a new 'Video Talks' section, where you will be able to hear recorded talks by myself and various other speakers, so if you have any spare time please tune in!

Hope you're all enjoying the Summer and it's great to be in touch with you!!

Don't forget to share your comments on this blog!

Love and Prayers in the Divine Will,

Maria X

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I apologise for the short notice but this has to be cancelled this evening. I will be in touch very soon about the next one. LPDW, Maria x

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