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Hi there!

Thank you for visiting our website!  I am absolutely delighted to welcome you to the long awaited Divine Will UK Bookstore; a bookstore with (to coin a phrase) an infinite, perfect and eternal difference!  A bookstore where every single act in thought, word and deed is glorifying our Creator!!  And in the name of all!! WOW!!

This website is under the protection of St. Joseph and St. Michael the Archangel.  It was published on 19th March 2021, St. Joseph's feast day and open to the public on 25th March, the feast of the Annunciation of the Lord when Our Blessed Mother gave Her 'Fiat,' to God!  How fitting a day to officially open the bookstore!!

We have a great little team involved with the bookstore; an amazing bunch of people working behind the scenes to ensure that the website and all the books, from the design on the covers to the text layout are attractive and reach you in perfection condition!  Then we have the elves beavering away in the workshop, packaging the books under Santa's (apparently me!! ) direction .  And last but not least we have someone  (who shall remain nameless) who is the driving force behind the very teaching of Divine Will and has been a pivotal influence in the existence of this bookstore (previously Angelus Communications).  I call him our business adviser and advise he does!! 

The primary purpose of the bookstore is to 'spread the word,' (no pun intended!) so that as many people as possible can be introduced to this priceless gift; the Gift of Divine Will.

Hope you enjoy navigating around the site.  To order books just go to the 'Visit Store,' page which is self explanatory.  In the coming weeks/months we will be adding not only a variety of books but also cd box sets (based upon spiritual formation through scripture and the lives of the saints), a music page with some of my own songs to purchase (writing songs is my passion which many of you know only too well!) and a 'Merchandise,' page selling other products depicting various aspects of the Kingdom of Divine Will.

After taking over from Angelus Communications 2 years ago the bookstore is still in its infancy stage and I for one have a lot to learn!!  However as Jesus told Luisa,

"Do not have any doubt about succeeding because

I will teach you how it can be done a little at a time!!"  

What more can I say?  We have the best teacher!!

We shall leave you now to go on your 'rounds' of the bookstore!  If you would like to email me please go to the contacts page.  Feel free to comment on the Blog page also which will be added to the website within the next few weeks! Would love to hear your feedback of the site!  

Love & Prayers in the Divine Will,


On behalf of the Divine Will UK Bookstore team!

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