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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

This interview is a MUST SEE (in the 'Video Talks' section), brilliantly led by Robert Colquhoun, a loyal subscriber to our Bookstore!

Daniel O'Connor explains what he believes to be the most important mission in salvation history - Living in the Divine Will and spreading it far and wide to hasten the coming of the Kingdom in the new Era of peace. Daniel believes that this private revelation is in "perfect harmony with how the Holy Spirit has led The Church for 2000 years," and how we can "interpret this through the lens of public revelation."

He goes on to explain that the mission entrusted to Luisa Piccarreta by Jesus is "so great that nothing can be compared to it." It is where the fulfilment of the Our Father prayer - 'Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven,' finally comes into fruition and everything restored back to God's original plan for Heaven and earth to be in perfect union with Him.

Daniel is fully convicted that the Divine Will is the culmination of all private revelation and that God's two final efforts of Salvation and Sanctification are the Divine Mercy devotion and the Divine Will spirituality; that they are inseparable.

This interview connotates a sense of urgency - We need to up our game in our mission of living in the Divine Will. There really is no time to lose.

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I apologise for the short notice but this has to be cancelled this evening. I will be in touch very soon about the next one. LPDW, Maria x

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